Our Services

Any type of fault occurred in the system that cannot be troubleshoot is a possible indicator of some fault in motherboard. We have a set of dedicated engineers who quickly identify, repair and troubleshoot all such type of motherboard issues.

Chip level repair engineers that we have are technically sound, trained with relevant skill sets and having many years of experience. Variety of motherboard issues are fixed and resolved in no time by our chip level engineers. This actually increases the possibility of successful motherboard repairs.

Motherboard repair services We welcome all the dealers as well. We receive laptops, Desktops, SMPS, Printers and mobiles from the dealers. They actually need a dedicated team of engineers for different types of motherboard repair having required skill sets to resolve the issues. We specialize our chip level repairing services, BGA level and component level as well for repairing laptops. All these repair activities are done in order to save the cost incurred on replacing an old motherboard with a new one. You will be more than happy to know that all such repair activities can be done at our service centers.

Excellent and affordable chip level training services In the initial phase of training, a student is made to gather necessary knowledge in different Hardware and software installation process. From driver installations to loading anti-virus and from taking proper data backup, we have got your training needs fulfilled. It is equally important for you to understand that a laptop and desktop has many small and large chips. We make all of the students familiar with the exact location of these chips in a structured manner. In addition to that, we also provide:

  • Hard copy for study and videos for study
  • Schematic diagrams
  • Block diagrams
  • BIOS file etc...
With the single purpose of being your real enabler Dr Lab Care has come up with the complete set of chip level repair courses for you. Under this, you will be fully trained to fix all types of laptop and desktop repairs. Whether it is a display problem or short circuit issues, we will train you to identify the root cause of such issues. With the help of the practical knowledge and service center training we give, you can not only become fit for a job, but also you can start your own service center from your home.

Better Training – Better Life Every student in Dr Lab Care is specifically given an individual focus on daily basis. After keeping into consideration the better future and life of the students, we recognize talent and motivate the students individually. At the same time, 100℅ practical and service centre based training is given to our students. You will be more than happy to know that Dr Lab Care also conducts various group discussions, with the help of which our students share their experiences and learning’s with each other. In addition to it, they also share their knowledge, experience and learning in hardware and networking domain. As a result of which our students can go ahead and open their own service centre or else they can prove themselves after joining any company. Apart from this, every student in Dr Lab Care is informed and made to understand about the various updates that we receive. For that, the students are being trained free of a cost!

Growth Prospects with Great Career Ahead For the betterment and the well-being of the students, Dr Lab Care offers you the course that will shape your career and future prospects. In the least possible time and the minimum, possible expenditure Laptop Repairing course is a good option. Wherein you can make your life favorable accordingly. It is not possible for us to provide you the details of all the students who are doing a great job after the completion of the course. But there are few students who are not only doing good in their field but also setting up an example for other students who are willing to make their career in chip level repair domain.