About Dr Lab Care

Dr Lab Care is one of the leading and progressive institutes in India particularly when it comes to advance chip level repair training. It is basically based on latest and advance technology. We always believe and focus on result oriented training. At Dr Lab Care Institute, apart from providing better training we do believe that it is our responsibility to provide opportunities as well to our students to do their own business in the domain of laptop/desktop, mobile and chip level repair

Why Dr Lab Care? Dr Lab Care always stands by its students who put their effort to achieve the goal. And we always work together as a team; we do have a target to bring every student on a common platform. Students who not only help themselves, but also help each other. We know what the benefits of working as a team are.

Advance Practical Lab: - Repairing a laptop is not at all an easy task if you have not undergone some special and advance repair training. To repair any laptop or a motherboard it is equally important for you to have a better understanding and knowledge of schematic diagram and supply sequence. Knowledge of a block diagram alone is not sufficient for you to repair a motherboard. Here at Dr Lab Care, you will be given the training to repair through block diagram and schematic diagram both. Dr Lab Care today has become one of the leading institutes. For not just the good, but a better training Dr Lab Care has become a big platform where you can achieve you goals. We always pay attention on a positive side of the result, with the help of which Dr Lab Care has become the provider of result oriented training

Use of Advanced Technology: For identifying the exact problem, it is necessary to have a knowledge of circuits, power sequence and testing of electronic components. We use advanced technology to give you the diagrammatic explanations about the circuit and its components. We make use of SMD, DC Supply machines, CRO Machines, BIOS Programmer, SMD Tester and CPU Tester. At the end of the course, you will also be trained on soldering and desoldering chips.

Why schematic diagram: Schematic diagram explains and describes the various connection and interconnection of the components of a notebook motherboard. If you have a better understanding of the different connections and the components of the motherboard, then you can smoothly repair a motherboard, even if it belongs to any brand/manufacturer. If you conduct any type of repair with the help of hit and trial method and it does not work, then you get fed up after some attempts. On the other hand, step by step or sequential way of performing repair gives you success. Complete understanding of a schematic diagram is more important, as it tells you how a notebook motherboard functions.

Best Chip Level Repairing Courses Dr Lab Care leaves no gap in providing you the best training by offering you a detailed training programme to help you gain and acquire the complete knowledge and learning of the same. We therefore believe that our different chip level training courses will surely benefit you. With the help of sufficient experience and work expertise, our training center has become one of the leading chip level training centers in Pune (Maharashtra). Our qualified faculties and engineers have set a benchmark in this industry. You will get affordable training courses which are available for working individuals and students in different areas. The purpose behind setting up this service cum training center is to prepare our students to gather all the required skills and work expertise so that they can fit easily anywhere and everywhere.

Engineering Level Training We focus on all the relevant hardware subjects along with the latest circuit diagrams, IC chip details and service manuals, etc to enhance your skillsets.You will be given sufficient individual focus. After completing chip level courses here, you don't have to learn about Mobile, SMPS or Printers. All these things are provided free of cost to you by us at the time of chip level trainings.

Practical Oriented Course We believe in following a practical approach without which a course can not be completed successfully.Every student is given a hard copy by us in advance, so they get more time to do the practical. Dr Lab Care takes pride in molding and shaping a better career for the youth and at the same time believes that mobile and laptop repairing training along with the combination of Chip Level and motherboard Repair Training in every manner increase the applicability of the number of similar training. This ultimately not only benefits the user but also technologically prepares you for a better future.

Who can join? Freshers, job seekers, computer hardware engineers, science and commerce graduates and students with engineering background are all more than welcome to join Dr Lab Care Institute